• Wed, 13. October 2021
  • 20:30
  • Leokino

3. DIAMETRAL night visions

The Night Visions revive the tradition of late-night screenings in Innsbruck - and bring the genre films that go with them to the Leokino. The nightly visions are dedicated to transgressive niche categories: B-movies, underground films, exploitation-, trash-, revenge-movies.... In short, everything that was marked with an X back then, but is now slumbering in the cult film drawer, just waiting to intoxicate you at night.

This fall, we are once again focusing on strong, self-confident women. Under the motto MAD GRRRLS VOL.2 we present a genuinely feminist aesthetic as well as brute revenge anarcho-female combat and hedonistic horror erotica. Self-determination, autonomy, and having fun doing it - four films that imagine strong women in very different ways