• Sat, 12. March 2022
  • 20:00
  • Westbahntheater

At the end of the rain

A deeply moving story, an outrageous ride through time and across continents. Unusually told as a puzzle, the whole picture of which the audience puts together and soon knows more than the characters in the play. Tragedy, dystopia and comedy: a young Londoner searches for his father and meets the love of his life in Australia, while the past and the future whirl the chronology in a ludicrously breathtaking way. And above it all towers the magical Uluru / Ayers Rock, the sacred rock of the Australian aborigines. Anyone who enjoys an intellectual puzzle will get their money's worth here.
Ticket reservation: You can reserve tickets ONLINE at www.westbahntheater.at or by phone at 0676/4988025. Tickets € 16/€ 13 (pupils and students)