• Sat, 9. April 2022
  • 13:00
  • VHS in the West, Bachlechnerstraße

Argumentation training against slogans at the regulars' table

We are all familiar with situations in which prejudices are unexpectedly expressed with flat statements and half-truths - for example at a family party, in a neighborly conversation, while chatting in the cafeteria or actually at the regulars' table. The statements made are in strong contradiction to our own values. We would like to retort, but instead we remain helplessly silent. The seminar strengthens you to take a stand against populist, racist and discriminatory statements. The training sensitizes you to better perceive your own attitudes as well as the world views of others and to criticize the expressed prejudices in an appreciative way. In exercises we will try out different strategies and reflect on their possibilities and limits.

Date: Saturday, 09.04.22, 13:00 - 18:45 hrs
Location: VHS im west, Bachlechnerstraße 35, staircase east side, 1st floor, room 1

Cost: € 46

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