• Sat, 25. February 2023
  • 19:00
  • Innsbruck, Brux/ Free Theater

DELIVERED! piece development of the theater company BIISH

Events and decisions are also real in the simulation. What remains the same is that they create new realities. So we are both deliverers and delivered. And every pixel of an event contains a potential emotional rollercoaster. We deliver (ourselves) every day. And then we are also (out)delivered! Where is the control?
"You soak everything up like a sponge. But if you don't take it out ofdrÃ, it gets moldy
AUGELIEFERT! is a piece development by the BIISH theater company. Packed in boxes, we deliver our own small Dramen of a universal feeling. Packed in movement, sounds and words, we embark on a journey of exploration together..
One call - one queue - and it is delivered.
Acting: Sarah Plattner, Juliana Raich, Sandra Schildhauer, Anna Seidl, Johannes Steger, Julia Stiegler
Set/costume design: Lena Steinhuber
Direction and Dramaturgie: BIISH

24.02.23 â 20:00
25.02.23 â 20:00
26.02.23 â 19:00

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