• Thu, 9. March 2023
  • 00:00
  • Kammerspiele , House of Music Innsbruck

BABÄM! Colorful bunch

What do the color white and an empty room have in common? They seem to complement each other wonderfully! And what do drei flashy figures with slightly too white vests have in common with the audience? No idea! But one thing is clear: these guys are completely motivated and, what's more, they have a manifesto up their sleeves that they want to follow to the letter. Unfortunately, they've somewhat underestimated the diversity of their own rules - and it catches up with them faster than they'd like. Bunter Haufen is a great display of all too human longings, fixed ideas, touching comedy and a lot of love for music. Skilful obfuscation, thickly applied bossiness, but also the most playful Dreisamkeit take place here unadorned. And the moral of the story? A white picture does not make a painting!
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