• Fri, 10. March 2023
  • 10:00 - 17:00
  • Innsbruck, Neurauthgase 8

Bookbinding Classictraffic - Workshop with Bernhard Sanders

In this workshop, Bernhard Sanders shows "The old book in eternal data traffic". A self-made writing book. Empty pages for full heads. Recreational space in DIN format. Retreat with cover.
In the handcrafted production of a half or full cloth binding in DIN A5 format, we encounter most of the hand movements, techniques and materials of bookbinding. Writing book with fine hand stitching on basic knowledge and title embossing from hand-set bookdrucklettern.
Detailed information at https://www.weissraum.at/veranstaltungen/buecher-binden-classictraffic-3
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