• Thu, 30. March 2023
  • 19:00
  • Innsbruck City Library

Book talk: The escape paradox

Fleeing is a contradiction: you want to stay, but you have to leave. Fleeing is traumatizing: you seek safety, but have to risk your life to do so. And fleeing (to Europe) is paradoxical: you have to break the law, i.e. cross borders "illegally" in order to gain your right to asylum. Only to have to deal with contradictory requirements and sometimes unfulfillable conditions for integration in the host country. In Das Fluchtparadox (Kremayr & Scheriau, 2022), refugee researcher Judith Kohlenberger provides a detailed analysis of how we deal with displacement and displaced persons. She traces the historical and current developments from a legal, social and individual perspective and shows how we can achieve a humane asylum and integration policy. An event in cooperation with Plattform SO SIND WIR NICHT.
Moderation: Hannes Schlosser, Platform SO WE ARE NOT
Seat reservations: +43 512 5360 5700
Judith Kohlenberger is a cultural scientist and migration researcher at the Institute for Social Policy at WU Vienna, where she researches and teaches refugee migration, integration and belonging. In fall 2015, she was involved in one of Europe's first studies on the large refugee movement. In addition to her academic work, she is active in the Integration Council of the City of Vienna and is a founding member of COURAGE - Courage for Humanity, which campaigns for legal escape routes.
Hannes Schlosser is a journalist and non-fiction author. Main focus: Politics, ecological and economic development of the Alpine region, medicine, social issues. Co-founder of SO WE ARE NOT
SO SIND WIR NICHT is a networking platform on the topic of flight. Together with 722 individuals and 77 organizations, it has been campaigning for years for an asylum policy in line with human rights at the EU's external borders and legal immigration options to Austria.

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