• Wed, 21. June 2023
  • 19:00 - 22:00
  • Innsbruck, Liber Widerin, Erlerstrasse 6

Book presentation: Global Female Future

Book discussion with the authors and editors Gerda Neyer and Ulrike Lunacek
"We bring together feminist voices from all over the world in the fight for justice."
It's time to ask the big questions: In what forms is sexualized violence a global phenomenon? Who benefits from global "female" migration in care professions? How can anti-racist resistance be organized? How could a feminist economy change the economy and what does authoritarian, state violence mean for women* in resistance?
40 years of feminist struggles in one book - 40 years of progress and learning from setbacks that open up paths to a self-determined life. "Global Female Future" takes a look at feminist struggles in politics, business, reproduction, economics and ecology - told by and with authors from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Their experiences from past conflicts point to the present, be it in the struggle for resources such as land or water - or in the fight against climate catastrophe.
With contributions from and interviews with Cânân Arın, Iris Frey, Verónica Gago, Wendy Harcourt, Naila Kabeer, Gaby Küppers, Shalini Randeria, Rocío Silva Santisteban, Nadia Shehadeh, Christa Wichterich, Weina Zhao, and many more.
An event organized by the Office for Equality and Gender Studies at the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with the Working Group on Emancipation and Partnership as part of the University of Innsbruck's Diversity Week.
Further events within the framework of the Diversity Week can be found at
During Diversity Week, many academics will be highlighting the diversity of ideas, theories and working methods in their respective disciplines in their courses.
In addition, the university invites all interested parties to readings, discussions and films. The diversity of our city and our university should thus become visible, tangible and tangible.
The highlight of the week is the Festival of Diversity on June 24, 2023, from 11:00 to 20:00. Visitors can expect a varied and colorful program around the Folk Art Museum.

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