• Thu, 15. June 2023
  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • Innsbruck City Library

Book presentation: Innsbruck reads around the corner

"Imagine being nervous your whole life, noticing everything, constantly on guard. I was born nervous. I was illegal. Every year, every day, every minute it could happen" from the Innsbruck reads book Freitag ist ein guter Tag zum Flüchten (Zsolnay, 2022).

After a reading by Elyas Jamalzadeh and Andreas Hepp from Freitag ist ein guter Tag zum Flüchten, associations and feelings about the book will be used to explore the mental health of young people: "How are you?" is the central question. Barbara Juen, clinical and health psychologist (University of Innsbruck and Red Cross) will talk about self-awareness, psychosocial health and dealing with trauma, among other things. Finally, youngCaritas head Kirsi Madersbacher, an expert on digital moral courage, will explain how to deal with hate comments and bullying on the internet and present strategies for action. Moderation: Christopher Bindra, InfoEck
Concept: InfoEck, Generations and Society Association
Seat reservations - only remaining places available: +43 512 5360 5700

Elyas Jamalzadeh's Afghan parents were already living in Iran when he was born. He was born a refugee. in 2014, he made the dangerous journey to Europe. A journey that is almost impossible to survive is described here with impressivedruimmediacy. The fact that Jamalzadeh has never lost his sense of humor and ambition helps him to arrive in a foreign country. He learns German, starts an apprenticeship and falls in love.
Elyas Jamalzadeh, born in Tehran as the child of Afghan war refugees. According to his mother, it was snowing on the day he was born. He fled to Austria with his parents in 2014/15 and began an apprenticeship as a hairdresser.
Andreas Hepp, born in 1996 in Wels, studied German language and literature and now works as a German teacher at a private school in Linz

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