• Fri, 14. April 2023
  • 20:00
  • Innsbruck, Collegium Canisianum

Building bridges - Medieval & traditional music

In Latin quidni means something like Why not? This is the name and motto of the ensemble of three outstanding multi-instrumentalists who effortlessly and stylistically bridge genre boundaries and temporal distances. The trio interprets music of the Middle Ages just as virtuously as traditional music, impressively demonstrating how much these two musical genres have in common over the centuries. What it takes to present the music in a lively and exciting way for today's audiences is something the three ensemble members have in abundance, namely an irrepressible love of discovery, an infectious joy in making music, profound knowledge of performance practice and, last but not least, a mastery of a number of very different instruments. You will hear and be amazed how centuries-old tunes harmonize perfectly with today's, even spontaneously improvised music!

Ensemble Quidni
Silke Gwendolyn Schulze - shawm, dulcian, double flute, one-hand flutes & drum
Baptiste Romain - bagpipes & fiddle
Pere Olivé - percussion

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