• Thu, 16. March 2023
  • 19:00
  • Innsbruck, Neue Galerie ( Rennweg 1)

Chatbot Knigge invites you to the Salon, an event organized by islandrabe

As part of the Ecologies of Care exhibition, Islandrainvites you to a chatbot salon to explore together the measures and criteria of successful interpersonal communication and relationships.
Course of the event: Chatbot Knigge will be presented as an introduction to the salon. Information will be provided on the history of the software, the basis of the content and the intentions pursued. Afterwards, visitors are invited to enter into direct dialog with Knigge themselves. After this experience, cultural science findings on the relationship between man and machine based on Knigge lead into an open discussion that offers space for a joint exchange on adrücken and the answering of questions.
Communication is the basic prerequisite for people to find common ground, and it is through communication that care and compassion become possible.
"What is between people?" is the question that media artist and cultural scientist Richard Schwarz has been asking himself for several years, organizing workshops and discussion groups under the label islandrabe in public spaces, schools and companies in order to approach the topic step by step. At the same time, he is researching the state of our communication when we put more and more technology between us. Since 2022, he has programmed Knigge, a chatbot, which he has filled with the results of the workshops and with which you can now chat about talking. In this way, you can collect ideas of successful communication for yourself in exchange with the machine.
Knigge always reveals his mechanical identity during the conversation and makes it a subject of discussion, so that he makes himself recognizable as a machine conversation partner. This creates irritations in the course of the conversation, through which the basic conditions of interpersonal communication, such as the role of emotions and the ability to empathize, or the interaction between fulfilled or unfulfilled expectations in the exchange with the other person, only become recognizable and clear. Ultimately, our human need to be perceived and understood, and also to perceive and understand the other person, is put to the test.
This chatbot Knigge, programmed by Richard Schwarz, is based on the same functionality as ELIZA, the first artificial intelligence program developed in 1966 that pretended to speak and interact with humans. The name of the bot, on the other hand, goes back to the writer Adolph Freiherr von Knigge (1752-1796), who dealt with concepts of interaction with humans in his work. In the Ecologies of Care exhibition, Richard Schwarz has installed a setting in which communication between exhibition visitors and the machine is actively facilitated via two smartphones. The conversations that take place during the course of the exhibition are in turn incorporated into the chatbot's script and serve as a basis for constantly developing the chatbot further and "teaching" it to create ever more "coherent" dialogs about interpersonal relationships and the influence of technology.
Through this growing collective participation in Chatbot Knigge, the machine's ability to engage in dialog continues to grow and each dialog itself becomes part of the overall work of art.

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