• Sun, 5. March 2023
  • 00:00
  • [K2], House of Music Innsbruck

The fabulous The

"An astonishingly colorful collection of randomly strung together stories from all over the world (not sung, but rhymed)" is the subtitle of the piece, which doesn't actually promise too much. Sergej Gößner begins his story at the beginning of all stories, in other words at the beginning of beginnings: "In the beginning was the word. And before that, perhaps something like a thought." And it set something in motion - an old wooden circus wagon. From it emerges shrill, mysterious and terrifyingly awesome: the fabulous Die. For the audience, this is the beginning of a journey into a world that shimmers between fairy tale and funfair, a hommage to storytelling, a hommage to being like this and being different. Being different? No, that's not allowed, according to the Verein für Maß und Norm. It actually suspects the strongest man in the world of watching something for women on television. Telenovelas? It would be unthinkable if they knew about his secret desires: Paris, Fashion Week and gospel choirs! But it's not easy to explain how all this is connected to the duck-feeding F Punkt Meyer-Schmitt, Köttelspeier's burp compote and Kim the perch. However, the drei actors, who share all the roles and do so at a remarkable pace, manage it with ease, because: "If you only ever think about what others say or think, then you might as well not have any fun!" BEN: Something like horses, glitter, Lilli Fee.DIE: That's such a cliché.BEN: Real girls like that.DIE: There are also fake girls? - That's crazy.BEN AND THE FABULOUS DIE
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