• Sat, 7. May 2022
  • 20:00
  • ArchTheater

The double bass

Why, of all things, does a musician play the most unwieldy and thankless of all instruments, on which "no one can play beautifully"? For the double bass player on the third desk in the State Orchestra, his bulky instrument is not only a means of livelihood, but also a fate that he must carry above all else. The relationship to his instrument as lover, friend, enemy and destroyer of a self-determined life increases through alcohol into the realm of megalomania. Finally, his cry for recognition culminates in a vision of conquering the beautiful soprano Sarah from the orchestra pit. For the evening performance, he takes on all sorts of plans to finally win her over...

Ingeniously funny, Patrick Süskind tells the story of a musician who has a love-hate relationship with his instrument.

Since its premiere, this play has become one of the most frequently performed German-language theater monologues. Guest performance Theater in der Arche Noe

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