• Wed, 30. March 2022
  • 20:00
  • Leokino and p.m.k.

DIAMETRALE Film Festival 2022

Film Festival for the Experimental and the Comic

Welcome to the oasis of the absurd, the refuge of the fantastic, the paradise of the weird!
The DIAMETRALE opens its doors for the 6th time (30.03.-03.04.2022) and your synapses for a deep-sea dive towards useless and beautiful. Jump with us into the refreshing water of unusual moving image worlds away from cinematic, aesthetic & societal conventions and dream in the cinema darkness, what is possible behind the supposed everyday logic. Along the itinerary lie insular rave temples and Japanese pink musicals, micro-horror and dark teenage nostalgia, funny and funny short film kaleidoscopes, meaty talks and lectures, regionally grown film blossoms and fluid-poetic gender glitter landscapes. A film festival for all those who like to be surprised and celebrate the absurd with us, because "absurdity is the only possible way." (TB)

You can find the program here