• Fri, 10. March 2023
  • 20:00
  • Innsbruck, Theater Praesent


âShe was quite sure that she deserved a different life,
that this life existed somewhere, and that her life in the real world
actually looked the way it did because of an oversight.â
As in his previous novels, the successful French author, or rather pop star of (French) literature, Ãdouard Louis looks back on thedrÃocking circumstances of his childhood and youth and the life of the working class in one of the poorest regions of northern France. With "A Woman's Freedom", Louis' mother Monique Bellegueule and his relationship with her come into focus. It tells the story of two departures into a new life. While Ádouard, a gay writer, looks back on his childhood in northern France, his mother rather unexpectedly frees herself from the constraints and humiliations of her class under her own steam.
"A Woman's Freedom" is an infuriating story of alienation through politically enforced social class differences and at the same time a melancholy story of rapprochement when both - mother and son - succeed in setting off into a new life, the individual liberation from private unhappiness. In his autofictional narrative, published in 2021, Édouard Louis (born in 1991) paints a loving yet unsparing picture of the possibilities and limits of social advancement.
At Theater praesent, actors Lukas Gander and Elke Hartmann, together with percussionist and sound man Jakob Köhle, approach this tale about the courage to set out on a new life in a sensual and musical montage directed by Joachim Gottfried Goller.
WITH Lukas Gander, Elke Hartmann and Jakob Köhle
DIRECTOR Joachim Gottfried Goller
DESIGN Mirjam Falkensteiner
TECHNOLOGY Marco Friedrich Trenkwalder, Barbara Alt
PRESS Julia Jenewein, Michaela Senn
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