• Fri, 10. March 2023
  • 12:00 - 16:00
  • Innsbruck, Art Pavilion

ECOLOGIES OF CARE Weaving patterns for a care-full future II

Right now, we are experiencing a new urgency towards an ethic of solidarity and care in face of ongoing currents of migration, virulent social and political crises, the threat of climate catas-trophe, and the intertwined fates of the human and non-human worlds.  This exhibition argues for an extension of the concept of care to public life and its social and political configuration, turning its attention to the question of how, in this time of upheaval, we can maintain a contemporary reality sustained by caring, our sense of community, and shared humanity. It brings together a wide range of proposals that recognise care as a powerful social and cultural force and at the same time highlight systemic vulnerabilities. The aim is to weave our bodies, our very selves, and our environment into a complex, life-sustaining web, designing new patterns for living and thinking in difficult times.