• Fri, 3. March 2023
  • 16:00
  • Innsbruck, BogenTheater

A star called Mama - family play for everyone 9+

Luise's mother died of cancer a few months ago. On her first birthday without her mother, Luise looks back and talks about the last time she spent with her mother.

"What's mom doing with the cancer? Does he sleep in the same bed as her?" asks Luise's little brother Ruben. And the older sister tried to explain and reassure - tried for herself, for Ruben, for mom. Luise doesn't understand many things and some things she understands better than the adults. She has to learn to deal with anger and fear. She is sad and angry. And yet she laughs heartily with her mother at their last Christmas together. But when she hears her father crying quietly, she understands that her mother will not beat cancer. Mom says goodbye to life and talks to Luise about it. After mom's death, Luise takes Ruben in her arms and whispers in his ear: "Mom is a star now." And from the night sky, she will also see the birthday party that Luise is preparing. "A star called Mama, it could be, couldn't it?"
A production by Kühne Bühne
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