• Sat, 1. July 2023
  • 19:00
  • Innsbruck. Metropol Cinema

Film premiere: GenDefekt

The film GENDEFEKT solves the cryptic riddle surrounding the diagnosis of "fate". Every cell in our body carries the complete genetic information stored on 46 chromosomes, which means that our appearance, our thinking, our individuality etc. are defined on long protein chains in every cell. A fantastic order that determines health and illness in a fragile balance.
A little girl was born in Austria six years ago. Her name is Ella. Her parents had been told that she was the only child in Europe with a special disease caused by a genetic defect on chromosome number eight: the KAT6 syndrom. This disease is so rare that it is hardly known even in medical circles. The symptoms can be so complex that the diagnosis is sometimes not made or is made very late, with sometimes fatal or even fatal consequences. - Ella now shares her fate with more than 600 families worldwide. What this means for those affected, their families and caregivers is shown in this tear-jerking film by Austrian filmmakers Niko Mylonas and Kuno Büsel. They document the situation relentlessly and objectively during their visits to Austria, Germany, Italy and the USA.
Scientists explain the current state of knowledge and give hope that one day these people can be helped if awareness can be raised and the appropriate funds generated. Knowledge is power, knowledge is the key to success, knowledge is know-how and also a game changer.
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