• Sat, 16. September 2023
  • 19:00
  • Innsbruck, St. Bartlmä 3, Old Foundry


The artist collective EXPERIMENTAL SETUP and the choir of the Wiltener Sängerknaben as one of the most traditional and renowned boys choirs in Europe present: FORTUNA or The Dance on the Volcano.
The performatively activated spatial installation formulates a pressing question that we all have to face: What do we put up with or how far do we still go to maintain our system of constant growth, which has obviously reached its end?
One answer could be provided by international agreements that attempt to set limits to the climate catastrophe that is now becoming increasingly apparent. However, this answer must be more than sobering due to the completely insufficient political efforts. Apparently, we cannot and do not want to change our lifestyle in favor of the coming generations, despite scientifically sound facts.
These future generations will have to pay for what we are consistently suppressing and neglecting today.
EXPERIMENTAL SETUP formulates after "Rausch des Untergangs" (2018) again a performative spatial installation in clear and unmistakable visual language to give expression to the current, collective and completely irrational madness.
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