• Sun, 26. March 2023
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Innsbruck, Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

Free Sunday at the Museum

On your free Sunday at the museum, visit our interactive exhibition "Celebrating Easter - here and elsewhere: Where does the Easter Bunny come from? Which animal brings the Easter presents in Australia? And what does a blue stag have to do with Easter?

At ten hands-on stations, adults and children can learn many interesting and astonishing facts about Easter. "Celebrating Easter - here and elsewhere" is dedicated to the festival and its diverse customs. In addition to looking at different countries, the exhibition also focuses on the three religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

For example, visitors learn about the different calendar systems. Spread throughout the museum, there are riddles to solve and exciting stories to learn about Easter traditions and customs. At the same time, a video tour awaits adults, which is dedicated to Easter in different cultures and establishes interreligious connections.

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