• Sun, 23. April 2023
  • 00:00
  • several Orte in Tirol

Volunteer Days Tyrol 2023

The opportunities for volunteering are very diverse and cover a broad spectrum, for example in the areas of social work, culture, nature, civil protection and disaster control. The Tyrol Volunteer Week provides non-binding insights.
Through activities such as concrete action on site, projects, information events and much more, it is possible to get to know organizations and volunteering opportunities. At the same time, organizations and associations are given the chance to present their work. The importance of volunteering and the variety of opportunities can thus be made particularly visible. The aim of the Volunteer Days is to make Tyrol a better place to live, more supportive, more interesting and more aware of social issues. Volunteering is meaningful, fulfilling and attractive!
Interested people of all ages are invited to the Tirol Volunteer Days. In particular, those who have not yet volunteered are given a variety of opportunities to try out activities. Groups, companies and school classes are also very welcome. People who are already active are given the opportunity to get to know new fields of activity.
The Volunteer Days are organized and coordinated by the Volunteer Partnership Tyrol in cooperation with numerous partners.
When: April 21 to April 30, 2023
For more information click here: https://www.freiwilligenzentren-tirol.at/projekteveranstaltungen/freiwilligentage/blog/artikel/die-freiwilligentage-tirol-ein-erster-ueberblick-24-april-2023-bis/