• Fri, 31. December 2021
  • 10:00
  • Congress Innsbruck, Saal Tirol

Dress rehearsal New Year's Concert 2022


In this year's New Year's Concert, guest conductor Alexander Shelley and the Innsbruck Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra embark on a foray into antiquity. Alexander Shelley was principal conductor of the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra from September 2009 to August 2017

Even great masters such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Strauss could not escape the endless fascination that the gods and mythical figures of Greek mythology have always exerted on the most diverse artistic genres. Beethoven's overture to the ballet The Creatures of Prometheus, Mozart's overture to the opera Ascanio in Alba, and Johann Strauss' popular Amazons' Polka are just a few of the mythologically inspired sound creations that will be heard in the New Year's Concert, providing solemn, lilting melodies. A tribute to Fortuna, the goddess of fate and luck, is also not to be missed in such challenging times as these at the turn of the year!

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