• Sun, 23. April 2023
  • 00:00
  • Kammerspiele, Tiroler Landestheater

Gondola layers

In its latest research project, the Institute for Media, Politics and Theater looks at the ski and mountain world of Tyrol. The coronavirus pandemic has once again highlighted just how influential winter tourism - and the men behind it - really are. The Ministry of Tourism also said: "The primary goal must be to ensure that a winter season can take place." But at what cost? The collective goes in search of clues in the Alps. How dependent are politicians on the cable car industry? Are wild après-ski parties and tons of artificial snow even viable for the future? What will remain of Austria if climate change makes sacred winter tourism impossible? To explore these questions, a citizens' council is discussing winter tourism from different perspectives at [K2]: There is an environmental activist, a pro-tourist, an analytical and also a feminist position. After a year of research, background discussions with experts from journalism, climate research, cultural anthropology and the tourism industry serve as text material that was further developed together with the ensemble. In addition, original texts from politics and popular culture are juxtaposed in short rhythmic scenes, blurring the line between reality and satire. In addition, the expansive installation "Après Ski" by Tyrolean artist Lois Hechenblaikner adds another dimension to the theater evening. Now the only question that remains is: will the participants in the Citizens' Council succeed in finding a consensus in the midst of the tensions between politics, business and environmental protection? Nature must not play any role at all in our business. Our production Gondelgschichten was invited to the Munich Volkstheater as part of the Radikal jung Festival 2023 and will be performed there twice.
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