• Sun, 12. March 2023
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  • Kammerspiele , House of Music Innsbruck

Hare Hare

From the French by Marie Besson in the 2019 rewrite Hare Hare is an alien sent to Earth to investigate whether humanity can still be saved. He was born - as the youngest son and unexpected straggler - into a family from the working class, which muddles through in the state of the New Order more badly than well. His parents live cramped together with him and his oldest brother - and they hope to soon be completely without children in the apartment. But suddenly events come to a head: The dritte son is being pursued by the police and wants to go into hiding with them. The two daughters also move back in and bring their (ex-)partners with them. When the lonely, elderly neighbor also asks for asylum, the measure of solidarity seems to be full. But the situation escalates further: while two sons join armed terrorists, family members disappear after an explosion and have to be rescued. In all the hullabaloo, Mama Rabbit nevertheless tries to keep a cool head and keep her beloved family together with a lot of humor. French actress and film director Coline Serreau (*1947) studied literature, music, theater, and circus (trapeze) in her hometown of Paris, where she made her acting debut in 1970 at the Theâtre de Vieux Colombier. Her wonderful farce playfully uses the theatrical traditions of Jarry and Brecht - mixed with a tongue-in-cheek reference to E.T. I don't yet know why they sent me here. But I see everything that happens through the eyes of a stranger.HASE HASE
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