• Tue, 29. March 2022
  • 20:00
  • Congress Innsbruck

Helge Schneider - A man and his guitar

After my secretary Mrs. Höpfner slipped in the bus when it started and my head lighter Erwin Klemke was forbidden by the doctor to drink more beer, moreover tea cook Bodo's hair is graying, I noticed that we still have Corona and I have to make up for all my concerts from 2020, which will not be that easy.
Because time is as fleeting as bands, mine from back then are long gone. That's why I've decided to continue touring under a different star now. My newest and by a biochemist and an engineer together with diagnostic devices examined material program is to be called "EIN MANN UND SEINE GITARRE"!
I am happy to announce that this is something quite extraordinary! Namely, I will have peppermint tea brought exclusively by my tea cook Bodo and Sandro Giampietro will play the guitar! It is a special pleasure for me that on some days the exceptional talent Charlie "the Flash" will sit down at the drums, if he gets time off from school for that!
Thus, we would then be complete as "the original beet pigs" as a band.
(But only in certain countries!)
Thanks for the attention!
Helge Schneider

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