• Fri, 13. January 2023
  • 19:00
  • Olympiaworld Innsbruck

Holiday on Ice - Supernova

SUPERNOVA - a journey to the stars (with Innsbruck participation)
Float away to distant galaxies with the magnificent Holiday on Ice show SUPERNOVA and experience a fantastic adventure beyond space and time! In honour of the celestial elements, a colourful, exuberant winter festival is celebrated in the eternal ice with enchanting ice dancing and graceful choreography.
But a sudden, gigantic snowstorm puts a sudden end to the festivities: the fierce wind carries the protagonists out of the snowy polar world into the infinity of the cosmos. In outer space, an impressive foray through magical places in the galaxy begins, with emotional encounters with the exotic inhabitants. Finally, the protagonists return to earth through a SUPERNOVA - a luminous, sparkling galactic explosion - and celebrate an impressive finale in a sea of northern lights.
The SUPERNOVA ensemble also includes figure skater Celina Profanter from Innsbruck, for whom a childhood dream comes true with her performance at Holiday on Ice. Ever since Celina saw the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin on television, it has been her dream to stand on the ice.