• Wed, 9. February 2022
  • 09:00
  • Kammerspiele

I love you

Play by Kristo Šagor from 9 years old
Lia and Julian know each other from kindergarten. He keeps saying, "I love you." And she always replies, "I don't love you." Why? Neither can answer that. But when Julian's parents get divorced, they want to know, and they want to know exactly: what is it about love? And so they set out to find answers to the many questions burning under their nails: Why does love sometimes stop? What is love anyway? What is its opposite? Lia's grandparents have been married forever, 41 years - they must know! But Grandpa's answer doesn't help Lia and Julian at all: "Every time you think you've got something straight about love, it slips through your fingers again." So the two have to start researching on their own: About the love of lemon ice cream or guinea pigs. When exactly did it stop?