• Wed, 28. June 2023
  • 16:00
  • Gallery Nothburga

Identity - Coexistence

The special exhibition Identity - Coexistence at Nothburga Gallery will present works by six contemporary Ukrainian artists in June 2023.

Mark CHEHODAIEV, Igor GAIDAI, Iryna ISKRA, Oksana RADKEVYCH, Anastasiia RUDNIEVA and Valentyna SAMOILIK come from different parts of the country, work with different artistic media and techniques and address diverse themes in their works. But what unites them is their home. Unfortunately, home in this case means the traumatic experience of war and exile, uncertainty about their future as well as constant restrictions, fear and sadness. Under these circumstances, the continuation of their artistic practices represents a way for them to stay with themselves. The concept of identity present in the exhibition title thus becomes an anchor in a dramatically changing reality on the one hand, but also points to complex questions of identity that displacement and exile entail. Equally comforting and fragile is the coexistence and solidarity that connects new arrivals with the people living in their new homes.