• Mon, 19. June 2023
  • 20:00
  • Innsbruck, Cafe Brennpunkt Viaduktbogen 46-48

Cabaret Newcomer Monday

Cabaret Necomer Monday
at Cafe Brennpunkt Viaduktbogen 46-48
Free admission!

An evening like the bubonic plague. No one is spared.
Why shoot sparrows with cannons when you can wipe them out much faster with nuclear bombs? The bow should be crossed - everything else is boring! In the 21st century it's "Back to the Middle Ages at last!" Witch hunts. Superstition. Fanaticism. Long live the feudal system! Compared to modern cruise tourism, the Crusades were harmless scout camps.

Back then there were thieves lurking around every corner, but today it's headlines, lizard people or the next letters of LGBTQIA+. It's all censorship! What's the point of gendering? Soon nobody will be able to speak German anyway, because there will only be robots.

They'll celebrate an endless orgy and while one Hitler documentary after another plays in the background, they'll play chess against each other. Always a draw. But don't panic!1elf! When human stupidity and artificial intelligence have produced the perfect idiocy, even the biggest fool will find peace in hell.

Niko Nagl's second solo program has only one goal: to lead humanity ad absurdum and the audience to paranoid enlightenment.

May contain traces of mental and physical nudity and peanuts.

further information: Association KKI www.kki.at

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