• Fri, 8. October 2021
  • 16:00
  • Arc theater

Kikerikiste - Guest performance Kühne Bühne

Family play from 4 - 104
Ticket reservation: Theater Verband Tirol

Caraway is the small, naive one. Bartholomew is the big, clever one. At least he thinks he is clever enough to explain the world to his friend Kümmel. The pride and joy of the two, who stumble from one playful conflict to the next, are their boxes; each has his own. When the two discover that Caraway's box has a special feature, it arouses the envy of the proud Bartholomew. This germinating discord is taken advantage of by the music marcher who abruptly joins them and manages to make Caraway and Bartholomew deprive each other of their boxes, with which he makes off. After a mutual confession, the little one and the big one unexpectedly come back to a new crate and Bartholomew realizes that it is nicer to play together in a crate instead of having it to themselves.