• Wed, 10. May 2023
  • 19:00
  • Innsbruck City Library

Class trip. How social background shapes our lives

Class travelers embark on a path that is not intended for them: having grown up in low-income households, they are often the first in the family to study at university. Neither at home in one world or the other, many spend their lives feeling in-between. They should not actually be where they are. They experience the "ascent" as an opportunity, but also as a rupture and a painful experience. The authors portray dreizehn people whose stories break with the myth of "advancement through achievement". They make it clear how strongly our social background shapes us and what role gender and migration play in this. The class trip portraits are also a piece of contemporary history, they tell of the urban-rural divide, regional development and Austrian social policy. Brigitte Theißl and Betina Aumair present the 3rd edition of their book Klassenreise (ÖGB Verlag, 2023), expanded by two portraits, and talk with Muriel González Athenas about poverty, class and classism.
A collaboration between the Innsbruck City Library and the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Innsbruck (CGI).

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