• Thu, 15. December 2022
  • 00:00
  • Great Hall, House of Music Innsbruck

PIANO & CO: Beethoven Violin Sonatas III

The 10 sonatas that Ludwig van Beethoven wrote "for piano and violin" between 1797 and 1812 continue Mozart in an innovative way. Although the piano still comes first in the title, the two instruments have become equal partners. Beginning with the 3 Sonatas op. 12 dedicated to the revered teacher Antonio Salieri, a sonorous journey emerges into the composer's middle creative period; later, he devoted more attention to the cello in terms of duo settings. At the end of the journey is the Archduke Sonata op. 96, dedicated to the pupil Rudolph of Austria. As always in work complexes - and even when the titles do not originate from the composer - the Spring Sonata op. 24, which for the first time abandons the Dreisatement in favor of a scherzo, and the Kreutzer Sonata op. 47, intended for two prominent virtuosos, enjoy the greatest popularity. But the pieces in between are also masterpieces, each with its own character.druIn the performances of the faster movements, the emphasis, even the Dramatics and the typical pathos of liberation of the symphonies and instrumental concertos written during the same period increasingly assert themselves over time, while the new power of expression in the slow movements moves between sublimity and melancholy. Annedore Oberborbeck, First Concertmaster of the TSOI, and Michael Schöch, the famed pianist from Tyrol, embark on the journey through Beethoven's world of violin sonatas in drei concerts.
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