• Tue, 26. April 2022
  • 20:00
  • House of Music, Great Hall

Klavier & Co - In the Alhambra

The successful Spanish pianist and composer Juan Carlos Garvayo spans an arc from the reawakening of Spanish music to world renown around 1900 to the present
Isaac Albéniz stands on the threshold from national romanticism to impressionism, Manuel de Falla became Spain's "modern classic" without denying his musical roots in Iberian folklore - and certainly not the knowledge he had acquired in Paris in Debussy's circle. The dances of Spain with their flamenco rhythms and the enchanting folk tunes of the south had fascinated French musicians since the early Romantic period. Debussy was a particular master of appropriating this music and its atmospheric moods. Mauricio Sotelo is one of Spain's essential composers of the present day, combining tradition and new music in a compelling way. The motto is given by the Alhambra, the mysterious palace of the Moorish kings in the ancient city of Granada.

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