• Fri, 20. May 2022
  • 20:00
  • House of Music, Great Hall

Klavier & Co - Iberia

Isaac Albéniz was a self-taught prodigy, an adventurous globetrotter in both Americas as an adolescent, a bar pianist, a Liszt student, a temporary Parisian by choice, an acclaimed piano virtuoso, a prolific composer of salon music of the highest quality and of lyrical zarzuelas - a dazzling personality caught between stardom, excessive lifestyle and self-doubt. Although Catalan, he felt a strong bond with Andalusia as a "Moor". In his last years, the ailing virtuoso created a monumental cycle of visionary piano pieces, a journey through his homeland with a long stay in the beloved south, which was enviously recognized by friend Debussy as a key pianistic work of the beginning 20th century. Albéniz was unable to complete the last piece. With the Portuguese star pianist Artur Pizarro, a consummate rendition of this exceptional work by an ardent man and artist is to be expected.

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