• Fri, 10. March 2023
  • 17:30 - 20:30
  • Innsbruck, Valiergasse 60, Tasting Agency

Culinary course: Olive oil connoisseurs

In this course, you will learn everything important for connoisseurs about olive oil, the liquid gold. You will learn the difference between good and bad olive oils and, in addition to exciting background information on production and history, you will also find out what flavors different cultivars (olive varieties) from different origins produce.
In addition to olive products and olive varieties in different grades for tasting, you can test olive oils obtained from different cultivars and learn to taste whether an olive oil is still suitable for consumption or should be used elsewhere.
Tasting takes place in original blue olive oil tasting glasses like the professionals in official tasting panels. You will gain an insight into how tastings are carried out in the world's chambers of commerce (according to international standard procedures) at these panels to determine which quality level an oil is declared to belong to.
Together with your expert, you will fill out original panel evaluation forms for the various olive oils tasted, as well as for official state panels for the written sensory evaluation and decision. This panel decides whether a flawless, pure olive oil may also be sold as extra virgin olive oil or must either be graded or even refined.
The course is taught in German by Italian Melanie Pascal Heiss, the first and only prospective ONAOO Professional Taster in Austria. This 3 to 4 year training course designates professional olive oil tasters from the Italian Chamber of Commerce and ONAOO, the National Association of National Olive Oil Tasters, which is the most prestigious training center for olive oil experts and olive oil producers worldwide.
Included in the olive oil course are
a selection of olive oils, Vergin olive oils and Extra Vergin olive oils from different cultivars, selected by Melanie Pascal Heiss
small appetizers and olive products from her Italian family delicatessen company
our culinary booklet 'Olive Oil Connoisseur' and professional tasting documents
Water and freshly baked bread
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