• Fri, 6. May 2022
  • 13:00
  • House of music

La Locura 2022 - 3rd Tango Music Festival

"La Locura" means "the madness" and it is indeed madness what is musically brought to the stage here over three days. Tango Argentino is known as a sensual dance. Its essence comes from the music, which is able to express melancholy, longing, love, joy and pain like hardly any other musical genre. No less than 10 international live orchestras of the highest quality will interpret classical pieces as well as present new ones during this weekend. Dancers and music-loving audiences from many countries will meet here to experience - the experience of the last festival suggests - a weekend of the highest happiness. "La Locura" in Innsbruck is the only festival in the world (!) that brings live Tango Argentino music to the stage in such quality and abundance. The Haus der Musik offers the best conditions for this.

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