• Thu, 13. October 2022
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  • Kammerspiele , House of Music Innsbruck


As a lyricist and Dramatician, as a musician and draftsman, Federico García Lorca is one of Spain's most diverse and fascinating artistic personalities. Since his murder at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, speculation about his death and his life has continued unabated, and his work continues to have extraordinary appeal today. In retrospect, he appears as if split into several personalities and endowed with several faces: a cheerful, jovial one, known to friends; a serious one, revealed in connection with work and in interviews; an often tormented and somber one, when it comes to love and passion. This can probably be attributed above all to his homosexuality, which, coupled with the Catholic imprint of his childhood, must have caused self-doubt and a great inner conflict that was hard to overcome at the time. A central driving force in Lorca's Dramen is desire: Someone desires, usually without being able to name his "object" precisely, which always already implies unfulfillability. The poems, too, repeatedly address desire, testing the limits of what can be said, and constantly coming up against emptiness. In his dance piece, Enrique Gasa Valga, together with the dance company, traces this great artistic personality, the atmosphere of his poems and the flair of his thoughts. Theater is poetry that rises from the book and becomes human, speaking and shouting, crying and despairing.Federico García Lorca
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