• Fri, 1. April 2022
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Gallery Mathias Mayr

Maurizio Bonato

The magical plays a central role in the artistic work of Maurizio Bonato. The artist usually finds starting points in literature, poetry or in the mysterious stories of myths and legends, which he takes up with a fine sense, pursues further and sometimes meticulously researches. In the process, even the superficially inconspicuous is relevant, a feeling, a moment or a cross-connection, which the artist allows to flow into his pictorial inventions between magic and rationality. In this way, multi-layered works emerge in the arc of tension between worlds, which offer corresponding space for personal feelings or associations and also demand them.

Maurizio Bonato usually works in series, starting from sketches and smaller notations he develops his works - in graphite, watercolor, oil pastels, pigment - on different formats and image carriers. The exhibition will show excerpts from current series of works, from small-format works on paper to larger formats on semi-transparent Folarex.

Opening of the exhibition on Friday, 01.04.2022 at 19:00.
Introductory words: Dr. Peter Assmann (Dir. Tiroler Landesmuseen)