• Fri, 14. January 2022
  • 19:30
  • Cultural inn Bierstindl

My friend Harvey

What is actually "normal"? A kind-hearted, heavy-set gentleman is friendly, polite, respectful, mischievous, helpful and interested. Is that still "normal?"
The catch: his best friend is Harvey. Harvey is all that, too. Just a rabbit. A six-foot-tall white rabbit. There's no such thing? Nobody sees him? For Elwood he is always there, he is his confidant, his refuge in the world. And makes him face this world with sunny kindness. Which is not always easy. It takes imagination. That the world is good. After all, its inhabitants have him committed to a mental hospital.... Does faith alone make for a sunny disposition? Or is Harvey a "pooka" after all, a magical spirit in animal form, appearing to one or the other, depending on his mood, a wise but cunning creature...? Sometimes, in very brief moments, his sister Veta thinks she has seen him. And Dr. Chumley, the psychiatrist, catches himself becoming almost envious....
Is Elwood now crazy, or very, very smartTicket reservations
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