• Mon, 1. August 2022
  • 10:00
  • Innsbruck Exhibition Park

Mobility visions for Innsbruck

Mobility visions for Innsbruck On a large picture there is to see: "Go on - Here there is much to see." Rich in detail and visionary, the new art project of the Atelier für Zeitreisen (among others "Fatimas fantastische Reise In einer Welt ohne Erdöl", "Perspektive Tirol") shows where Innsbruck's mobility could go in the next decades. There will be tidying up and making room so that all Innsbruckers can be offered a future worth living. Less air and noise pollution, lower CO2 emissions, attractive access to local recreation - all combined with healthy and fast mobility. The studio has invested countless hours, conducted countless discussions, pored over statistics and drawn it all up. Now, bicycle highways crisscross the city, connecting all neighborhoods and providing sustainable and healthy movement. A city cable car along the Inn River not only ensures astonished looks, it also connects the Park&Rides in the east and west with the airport, the university and Innsbruck's old town. The redesign of entire areas into (almost) car-free superblocks, mobile hubs, encounter zones, micro-hoppers and an artists' quarter offer modern and feasible solutions without turning the entire cityscape upside down.