• Sun, 19. March 2023
  • 00:00
  • [K2], House of Music Innsbruck

NIMM2 - The late-night treat

NIMM2 forever: In their sixth season, Jan-Hinnerk Arnke and Kristoffer Nowak continue to talk their way through the season on several dates. And each time they present a completely new, unique program - with stories from life, blockbusters in home cinema format, board games, curious rankings, the wonderful world of penny dreadfuls and so on and so forth ... What remains the same despite all the changes: NIMM2 is the Tiroler Landestheater's late-night show full of trash and profundity, pulp and fiction, glitz and glamor. On board as always: Stefan "Schmeichelstimme" Riedl. As a guest: veteran and bon vivant Michael Arnold. The NIMM2 house band under the direction of maestro Hansjörg Sofka will also be present on one evening or another. What sounds so vague is just the mature realization of recent years: nothing is as constant in life as its impermanence! That's why our late-night crew will face life's challenges with courage and confidence and do what they do best: Good entertainment! The only constant in life is its impermanence!NIMM2
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