• Tue, 5. April 2022
  • 20:00
  • Congress Innsbruck

Osterfestival Tirol 2022 - Frl. Else

Film with live dubbing and specially composed or arranged film music by Markus Kraler and Andreas Schett. Paul Czinner made the silent film Fräulein Else based on Arthur Schnitzler's novella of the same name in 1929, an important year for film history (including the year in which Ein andalusischer Hund, Der Mann mit der Kamera, Frau im Mond were made). The cabaret duo maschek and the East Tyrolean music banda Franui devote themselves to a reinterpretation of Else's story - she is "bartered away" by her father, a Viennese lawyer with a penchant for stock market speculation, to an art dealer friend. Apart from stories that refer to the original, there are numerous freely invented side stories and meta-stories about Fräulein Else and the Thalhof family that reach into our own time. In addition, a music plays that prefers to stay in the in-between: On the one hand, it is based on motifs that may already have been known to Schnitzler and most of the actors* in the film. On the other hand, these musical cells in Franui's reading can change sides and times at lightning speed and underpin the world invented by maschek

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