Osterfestival Tirol | 15 Orte: #6

  • Tue, 29. March 2022
  • 15:00 - 30.03. 21:00
  • Gallery A4

Katharina Streicher - Guitar

During Lent - Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday - every day (except Sundays) a different place between Wattens, Hall and Innsbruck will be visited to experience islands of pause together for 30 minutes each. The focus of the short actions at 3 p.m. will be primarily music and texts dedicated to the theme of Machine.Man. The art is intended to bring utopia and harmony to life in the rough spaces of our society. For the last two years, long-term planning has become almost impossible, so the most up-to-date information can be found on our homepage. Also, due to the pandemic, not all locations are open to the public. For more detailed information, please visit www.osterfestival.at/orte

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