• Sun, 9. April 2023
  • 20:00
  • Innsbruck, Congress, Customs

Osterfestival Tyrol - Set of Sets

In Set of Sets the dancers are in constant flux, the sense of time seems suspended. In all kinds of forms, the bodies circle around each other, sink into spirals, turn, linger in the stream of soft, gentle movements. Guy Nader and Maria Campos - last year's guests with Made of Space - lose themselves in time. Through deceleration and acceleration, they question our habitual perception. A mixture of contemporary dance, acrobatics, hip hop and martial arts creates a fast hypnotic flow. Gravity is constantly challenged, throwing or tilting the dancers horizontally, making them float in the air at the limit of what is physically possible. They form a unity in the maelstrom of live music by percussionist Miguel Marín.
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