• Wed, 19. July 2023
  • 10:00
  • Innsbruck, Glass Art


The current series "Isolation" by Patrick Roth addresses interpersonal relationships and the subjectively increasing social isolation in the sign of current insecurity. The subtle, multi-layered metaphors reflect Roth's abstract approach in his works. In contrast to these almost rough-looking melting works, the cut and engraved egg-shaped objects from the series "Muses" shine. Glass objects blown with the glassmaker's pipe, hot-formed and then cold-worked, which for the artist are, in the classical, sculptural sense, an intuitive examination of an archaic raw form in connection with the natural sequences of movements on the grinder. Inspired by form, colour and light, connections of thought emerge that seem to flow as soon as the glass begins to move under the rotating grinding wheel.

The exhibition shows different positions of the artist, who perfectly masters the challenges in dealing with the diva among materials. What the works have in common is the combination of form, haptics and title to reveal the message hidden behind them.