• Sun, 19. March 2023
  • 11:00
  • The bakery Kulturbackstube

INFF - Innsbruck Nature Festival 2020 - Senses

The Performance Brunch format combines contemporary art and tradition, embedded in an inviting setting for eating together. ZACH on March 19, 2023 at Die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube in Innsbruck focuses on the aspect of remembrance. The tradition of storytelling and the culture of remembrance will be presented in four very different artistic approaches. The brunch will be served by "Feld schafft". Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to talk to the artists about what you have seen and heard and to end the day in a relaxed atmosphere.
Date: SO March 19, 2023 from 11:00 to 14:30h
Admission: at your own discretion 25 - 30 €
All inclusive: performances & brunch
Free admission for children up to 6 years
Registration until March 13 at performancebrunch@gmail.com
On the menu:
Welcome snack: sweet cakes
Performative reading and talks: Esther Strauß
Installation: Martin Weichselbaumer and Sabrina Kern
Snack: Bread with colorful spreads (sweet and sour)
# GLETARN (excerpt)
Performance: Julia Höfler
Viennese circus under National Socialism (excerpt)
Concept, director: Ariane Oechsner
Choreographic collaboration and performance: Maja Karolina Franke, Nina Dafert
Brunch: Pear quiche, focaccia with potatoes, onions & rosemary, fruit with yoghurt
Dessert: American-style cinnamon buns
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