• Tue, 9. February 2021
  • 09:00
  • Audioversum

Special exhibition Vinyl

Today, music is always and everywhere available with a tap on the smartphone. But because digitized playback is invisible, records and their artfully designed covers have survived to this day.

Record covers are more than simple protective covers, they give each music an individual face, are visual mirrors of a temporal era. Like music on vinyl, covers tell of love and life, of fashion and design, of mourning and rebellion. Some were designed by visual artists, others by the musicians themselves. Reduced typographic characters are stylistic devices as well as colorful and lush details. Each cover is different, yet some are strikingly similar.
The exhibition can be experienced acoustically with an AUDIOGUIDE TO GO on your own smartphone and headphones. The topic of vinyl and the passion of swapping and collecting is highlighted in the second season of the AUDIOVERSUM podcast, which can be heard now at https://www.audioversum.at/podcast and via all streaming services.

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