• Thu, 23. February 2023
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Galerie Mathias Mayr

START ME UP - new gallery opening

Coinciding with the gallery's 5th anniversary, we are expanding our gallery offering with a second location and are very pleased to announce the opening of the new space. The new main gallery (M1) is located at Mariahilfstraße 20, Innsbruck and will host seven exhibitions per year - also in direct context to the existing space.
The opening exhibition [START ME UP] shows in a groupshow works by artists of the gallery with whom we have already worked closely in recent years, but also more advanced presentations and interesting new introductions as a preview of upcoming exhibitions. Within a wide artistic range, Tyrolean as well as national and international contemporary positions are equally represented and give an overview of the current program of the galleries.
A/T: Bauer, Blaas, Bonato, Christian, Degn, Egone, Nagl, Nährer, Pilser, Reheis, Rumetshofer, Vogl-Fernheim
INT: De Martino (IT), Dingl (D), Mayer (CZ), Schüle (D), Thorsen-Nagel (D/US), Witmer (US)