• Sat, 20. November 2021
  • 20:00
  • ArchTheater

Systemically relevant?!

Two sisters. One apartment. 2m distance. And a pandemic of unimagined proportions. Spring 2020: Andrea has been living with her sister Birgit for a few months and is looking for a place of her own. She is a painter and teaches at a school. Birgit has lived in Ingolstadt for several years and works in a bank. While the two used to be inseparable and famous for their parties, the sisters' relationship has been marked by conflict for several years. But what happens when you suddenly can't date anymore?

Francesca Pane and Nicole Titus process the experiences of the last year in a bittersweet social satire, in which humor is not neglected. Tickets at 13€ and reduced at 11€ can already be reserved in the reservation tool of the Bogentheater

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