• Thu, 30. June 2022
  • 19:00
  • Metropol cinema

THE GREAT GREEN WALL (Film Series Südlich(t)er, Province of Tyrol)

One of the world's most extraordinary climate projects is underway in Africa: an 8,000-kilometer green strip of trees and plants is being laid across the continent to halt the spread of the desert and thus provide food, jobs and a secure future for millions of people. This green wall is not yet dense enough, but its course is clearly marked out. The Malian-born singer Inna Modja travels along the wall and visits the inhabitants of Senegal, Mali, Nigeria and Ethiopia to talk to them about their worries, fears, dreams and hopes. Modja does this with a language that is universal and that every person on the planet can understand: with music.

THE GREAT GREEN WALL accordingly not only deals with climate change, but also shows a new, young generation of Africans who are tackling the problem and want to avoid having to leave their homeland for Europe at all costs - something that was the dream of many of their predecessors.

Admission is free. Ticket reservation is required (online: www.metropol-kino.at or by phone: 0512/283310)

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